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Mimi for Parents

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Getting started takes less than a minute. Just sign up or downloading the app to create your account.

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Invite all of your sitters to join Mimi right from the app. We’ll let you know when they accept.

Post an Event

Create your first event in seconds and publish to your network of sitters.

Book a Sitter

When one of your sitters claims your event we’ll notify you immediately and put it on both of your calendars.

    Need a sitter Saturday night? Just create an event and let your sitters pick it up with one click.

    Get notified immediately when your event gets claimed. Plus, we’ll automatically remind your sitter about the event.

    No more texting one sitter and having to call another. No more emailing. Communicate with all of your sitters in one place.
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Mimi for Sitters

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Sign up or Download the free app to create your profile. It’s quick and easy.

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Invite all of your families to join Mimi right from the app. We’ll let you know when they accept. The more families you include the more opportunities you will have to make money.

Accept an Event

Accept an event created by one of your families with just one click.

Make Money

We’ll notify the family for you when you accept, and send out reminders as the event gets closer.

    Get notified immediately when any of your families create a new event or edit an existing event.

    View your upcoming events and get automatic reminders on any device.

    Communicate with all of your families in one place. No more texting or emailing or phone calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for free online or by downloading our free app. It takes less than a minute to get started.

Is Mimi really free?

Yes! It’s free to use forever for parents and sitter.

Does Mimi help me find new sitters or families?

No. Mimi makes it easier for you to communicate with your existing sitters or families, and new sitters and families you work with in the future.

How do I connect with my sitters and families?

It’s simple. Just enter the email address or phone number of someone you’d like to connect with on Mimi and we’ll let them know. If they aren’t using Mimi, then it’s just one click to send an invitation.

Do you share my information with third parties?

No. Never. We only share basic personal information with other Mimi users you are connect with on the app.